Never mind those pesky snowstorms, Spring has FINALLY sprung! And with it, a wave of new items on my interiors lust list. This year, it's all about artisan. Below I've outlined six SS18 trends that you need to know about. 



Spring is all about renewal, growth, regeneration - and nothing says this quite like the colour green. So when I heard that Sage was the new neutral this season, I was TOTALLY on board. This colour works well in lots of different spaces, from modern rustic kitchens to cool, calming bedrooms.  Sage is one of the top colors chosen by Pinterest users, according to the annual Pinterest 100 report, which analyses what Pinterest users are saving and searching to determine upcoming trends. According to the report, Pinterest users have been looking for sage-painted rooms a lot in recent months, with interest in the color growing by more than 170 percent.

sage 3.jpg
sage decor.jpg

Seems like everyone is with me in support of sage! What do you think of this colour?   

I thought about including some links to sage accessories below, however I think the colour works best on a large scale (walls or tiling). The above images show how you can apply sage to achieve a sense of calm. Simply paint one wall or the whole room in your desired sage tone and add other "neutral" colours (eg. black and white). Ensure to also add items in different textures and materials, like wood/rattan/metals/woven fabric, to lift the scheme and ensure its not flat or bland! Et voila, the perfect 'sage is the new neutral' scheme. 

Neutral not your thing? Then it's all in how you accesorise your sage space. Remember your mum saying 'Pink and Green never to be seen'? Throw out the rule book! All the schemes below have successfully implemented pink/coral accessories to add real punch to a sage scheme. I'm digging this, especially the scheme with the theatrical coral chair as seen in House & Garden! So mum.... 

"Sage and pink, what do you think?"



Personally, I never thought of myself as a boho chic (my minamilist fashion sense is usually furthest away from 'hippie') but I am loving the fringe in this season. Boho looks were all over the NYFW catwalks this Spring, so its no surprise that the interior design industry has followed suit. Macrame wall hangings are hot right now, with many people opting to DIY them (you only have to search youtube and you'll find near a thousand videos on the subject ). If like me, you don't quite have the time (or dexterity!) to make your own wall hangings, opt for a fabulous fringed cushion! They're all over the shops this Spring, and an excellent way to create your own 'handmade' boho chic look at home. 


I popped into Anthropologie this week and could have easily spent my monthly pay on their new range of fringe-tastic cushions!  Click HERE to shop the range. There is something for everyone - from bobbled neutrals to wild and wacky palettes. If you'd rather not want to spend £70-£110, please see below for some more reasonable high street options which are equally lust-worthy. 



Pampas Grass was splattered all over weddings magazines in 2017, and there is no surprise as to why. This plant works beautifully in a variety of different settings due to their off-white colour, soft texture and whimsical nature. Just search #pampasgrass, to see their Instagram-ablility! So if, like me, you have no plans to run up an aisle any time soon, how could you implement pampass grass in your home?

If you're feeling especially 'extra' you could create a pampas grass ceiling feature, as seen above. Or play is safe and create a pampas grass arrangement yourself in a stone/ceramic vase to add extra texture to a drab office space.  My friend recently warned me of the dangers or natural pampas grass (the stems are lethal for cutting up your hands), so I recommend going faux this season. That way, you can recreate this look for Springs to come!

There is plenty of faux pampas grass online, but I've attached the link for faux Pampas Grass here from Abigail Ahern's (queen) online store. She's got a fab faux plant range which is definitely worth checking out. 



Pastels are truly a no brainer when it comes to Spring Decor, but make sure you stay REALLY on trend this season with lavender accents.

Pantone predicted 'Ultraviolet' as the Colour of the Year 2018 and I'm going to be honest - my gut reaction was not 'yay'. Purple is symbolic of mystery, fantasy and gender-neutrality, making the colour more relevant than ever politically and socio-economically, which I'm totally on board with. However, apart from my love of Cadburys, I couldn't envisage any situation where I would actaully opt for the colour purple. It's never been a favourite colour of mine, and it simply doesn't go with anything in my home! I'm not prepared to forsake all of my beloved items to 'stay on trend'. However, I've done some research and finally come round to the idea of using purple, by looking at the softer end of the purple spectrum: hello lilac! 

So if you're now thinking "okay great, but how would I go about adding lavender/lilac accents in my own home?" Then, look no further. My guide to lilac decor is laid out carefully below: 

  • Masculine  vs feminine: The true purple hue is undoubtedly masculine, whereas lavender/lilac are very feminine colours. So, make sure to implement lavender in the right setting! If you're worried about a space being too feminine, add darker colours like greys, navys & blacks to 'beef up' the space. 
  • Oh so sophisticated: Place lavender accents against a dark backdrop (greys work particularly well as seen in picture above left).
  • Retro - Add contemporary furniture/artwork and some neon lighting to upgrade this rather traditionally feminine colour (as seen in top right picture). 
  • Keep it simple: Add some ACTUAL lavender to your neutral spaces! Nothing says Spring like a beautiful bouquet (as seen above middle right).

Below, I've linked some popular lavender items (including my favourite NEOM tranquility candle).  Enjoy!


Sofa £1295 from // 2 Purple Glass Jar £4.99 H&M // 3 Tranquility Candle £40 NEOM (this is amazing!) // 4 Velvet & Linen Cushions Covers £15 each H&M // 5 Lavender Bed Sheets £30 BHS. 



This Spring trend is all about celebrating the handmade, with a gentle nod to Wabi-sabi - the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. Translated into interiors? Get yourself handmade or hand-painted accessories which celebrate rough lines,imperfect shapes and handmade pottery. This gives an original, personal and quaint aesthetic.

So how can you achieve this look for yourself? There is plenty of stoneware currently on the market., so below I have sourced some great Spring stoneware for you to take a look at - no matter what your budget!

Courtesy of  Decor Envy

Courtesy of Decor Envy



1 Great pastel stoneware from IKEA (click here) // 2. If you're feeling like a post pay-day splurge, head to Amara's online store (click here) - they have a great selection of new stoneware at a higher price point // 3 Mid-range and beautifully handmade, head to Graham and Green for their Ingrid collection (click here) which is a great addition to any kitchen this Spring // 4 Fancy something a bit different? H&M have taken have a creative approach to stoneware this season with their hand shaped dishes (click here) at a VERY reasonably price point. 



Marble is SO 2017.... This year, get ready to embrace the speckled 1970s comeback that is TERRAZZO. Thought to date back to 800BC, Terazzo (Italian for 'terrace') was actually a more cost-effective marble. Workers would take smashed marble chips and set them in clay and lay this across the flooring, rather than having to buy in huge chunks of expensive marble. In America during the 1970s, people couldn't get enough of the stuff! Today, it is firmly at the forefront of design, with bigger chip sizes, less density and a more striking graphical look. So how would you even begin to implement this in your own home? The obvious answer is large surfaces, such as floors, wall coverings or worktops. Whilst striking when done properly, for some - this is just overkill for the eyes. For those more nervous about going all out with the terazzo trend... I've included some new home ware accessories on the block. Place any of these in a reasonably neutral room - INSTANT SPRING STYLE. 


terazzo draft pdf.png

1. Terrazzo Table Lamp £20 BHS // 2. Terrazzo Bedding at a bargain £30 (BHS) // 3 Terrazzo Ceiling Lamp £35 (BHS) // 4 Terrazzo Table Lamp with shade £60 Oliver Bonas (SALE) // 5 Terrazzo Sink Basin £120 (SALE) Tikamoon // 6 Terrazzo Chair by Max Lamb in his 'Marmoreal Series' // Terrazzo Bowls .

SO what do you think of the SS18 trends? Let me know - drop me an email or reach me on my Instagram