What is it & how to use it 

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As part of my Diploma, I've been asked to keep an on-going journal which documents anything that resonates with me. This could be literally anything, as long as I justify why I like it (or dis-like it). This has really helped me hone in on my own personal style. Although the task was daunting at first, especially the idea of justifying my personal taste - I found the process liberating! Keeping a PRJ is something that will continue... 

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To begin with I found the process of keeping a PRJ quite difficult. I initially idenitifed images that resonated with me but found myself organising them into categories (a habit of mine), rather than picking images that appealed to me and then finding the connecting link. Once I altered my process, the task became liberating and this will definitely be something I do on an ongoing basis. The most enjoyable part of the process was arranging the images, creating a balanced composition & interesting palettes.



I chose to read independent magazines (opting for everything other than interior design) upside down to have a completely pure reaction to colours, patterns and textures without over-analysing the meaning or intention behind an image. Additionally, I visited a variety of different art/photography exhibitions. I came away with a collection of shapes, forms, colours and materials that resonated with me.

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WHat were the recurring themes? 

  • Love of modern architecture and high-quality craftsmanship. 
  • Clean lines, especially when made out of natural materials like wood.
  •  Black and white photography; sophisticated, raw, natural and timeless. 
  • Bold accent colours against a neutral, botanical or monochrome backdrop. 
  • Reds, burnt oranges and pinks (unapologetically feminine colours) & the contrast against dark & moody backgrounds. 
  • Oversized masculine clothing– the slightly androgynous/gender-neutral blur. 
  • How material hangs off curves and creates the illusion of movement/soft silhouette.
  • Brutish, harsh and masculine architecture. Almost over imposing. This French library (below) inspired me to sketch some chairs based on the shape of the entrance structure.
  • Soft, feminine materials/colours in a masculine environment (eg pink fluffy against industrial background).
  • Beautiful wood surfaces, industrial metal/glass windows and mid-century furniture.
  • Leafy/green/botanical. 
  • I really like this image of the drink glasses (below), so much so that I accidentally included it twice in my journal. I love the colour palette, the curved and angular glasses, the light/shadow and how this reflects off the glasses.


  • Images that play with light and shadow and how this effect textures, for example skin. 
  • Images that are calm peaceful and serene.
  • FLOW - pictures that evoke movement and stillness at the same time.
  • Zaha Hadid - the curvature she creates in conjunction with linear design; I find this blend fascinating. 
  • The buildings and furniture of the Mid-Century era; modern, angular and simple. 
  • I particularly admire the work of Jean Prouve; industrial and heavy duty.


I began to compile images into a style board, looking back at my buzzwords, ensuring  that the final board was made up of images that well represented all of these words.  I’m really happy with the end result and feel this is truly a reflection of my personal taste. After trialing different layouts & backgrounds, my final choice reflects my preference for clean, crisp arrangements.

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So there you have it! I submitted my first ever PRJ and received an A for my first module!! As I said, I really enjoyed the process and can see this becoming a ritual to inspire real life projects to come. The next set of coursework requires  me to transform the above style board into a concept board, then a further sample board until ultimately I have a finished decorative scheme based on my personal style preferences. 

If you have any questions or want to know more about the course I'm studying at KLC School of Design (Chelsea Harbour), then please email me using the icon below..