I first became really interested in Prouve's work when I was working on Savile Row at Derwent London, an award winning design driven office developer. In the heart of tech city, just off Old Street Roundabout, lives architects AHMM's ode to Jean Prouve & Frank Lloyd Wright… Behold, The White Collar Factory. 

Wall panels perforated by grids of circles clad the side of the 15 story tower, looking just like those on Prouve's architecture, including Maison Tropicale (1949-51).  Inside WCF, there is more Prouveness from colours to his whole practical-led but stylish approach. 



Jean Prouve was a hero the French resistance, a metalsmith by trade, and briefly, the mayor of Nancy, France. Joined by architects like Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, he belonged to a vanguard of staunchly utilitarian architects tasked with gargantuan effort of rebuilding France after WWII. 

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